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Dream League Soccer – The best free soccer android game

If you are FIFA fan but are disappointed by the Android version of the game, you should check out Dream League Soccer ( DLS ); It is one of the best online football games available in the market.

What stands out with the DLS is the excellent gameplay available and resemblance with the real players and with FIFA Pro licensed players it gives a whole new dimension to the game.

Some of the interesting highlights of the Dream League Soccer

  • Player resemblance and Graphics

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is arguably the only football game online with such accurate resemblance with the players.

Be it the face texture, the hairstyle, the height, Dream League Soccer has kept maximum attention to detail with players having various height, physical structures.

  • Gameplay and controls

Dream League Soccer

You may have seen tons of football games with a one-dimensional 2D gameplay but Dream League Soccer is the best when it comes to a football game with realistic gameplay.

You actually feel very involved while playing the game from crossing the ball, scoring a penalty to taking a free kick, you can actually experience the tactics involved and how you can improve the gameplay.

  • Commentary

Dream League Soccer

Unlike most online football games, Dream League Soccer has involved commentary as an integral part of the game which gives the game a very realistic appeal, Commentary varies from player to player with unique phrases from calling an offside to committing a foul.

Although you may hear similar commentary after playing for a while commentary and stadium chants are an integral part of the game.

  • Players, Stadium Development, and Various Leagues

Dream League Soccer

DLS allows player development to a very minute level so you can customize your favorite players according, alongside player development you can also customize stadium capacities which are very helpful for transfer from one league to other.

DLS involves a team to play from the bottom league to climb their way up to the top level which creates a real sense of competition among the players.

Dream League Soccer

Although there can be minor improvements as involving a career mode, increasing or customizing player celebration and skills and improving the online multiplayer mode but still you cannot ask more of a 300 MB game. There are lots of other online football games like FIFA, Real Football etc, but Dream League Soccer is a cut above the rest when it comes to pure gaming experience.


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