Whatsapp Policing : A well thought move or a hastened decision ?

Whatsapp Policing – All you need to know

You may or may not be active in many of the WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups which are flooded with tonnes of messages daily, Some messages we look and have a laugh while some messages we ignore, But you have to admit that some posts go viral on WhatsApp easily but no one knows the authenticity of such kind of posts.

Spreading Fake news and fake rumours can well land you in trouble now as Cyber law is now holding facebook and Whatsapp group admins responsible for such posts as it can be also used to change the mindset of people or to an extent promote terrorism, If the posts are found gravely inappropriate, it can also lead to you ending up in jail.

whatsapp policing

Now I know what you all are thinking,
 Are we not even allowed to use Whatsapp freely?
Well, The answer lies in the question itself, Freedom of expression is misused term in cyber world today, A prime example is the usage of Twitter recently, twitter is now to used as a tool to manufacture racial insults, rape threats or body shaming insults just because there is always a cloak of invisibility around you . There are always two sides to a coin, it be too harsh a measure to arrest people on the basis of a social media comment but I feel that revisiting the policies and making slight changes is a positive step towards preventing cyber-terrorism.
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