Logitech X50 :: Best portable speaker online

Although many of you might be familiar with the X50, for those who are not Logitech x50 is one of the best portable speaker online.Logitech X50 comes with good sound quality and affordable price and can be connected to almost all the Android devices instantly. Let’s get down to a comprehensive review

Design and Looks

The X50 come with a very sturdy design which makes the speaker look very clean.The rubberised back also makes it very easy to hold.There X50 contains 3 buttons on the body for volume control and power respectively.A provision for charging and an external 3.5 mm is also provided on the body.The speaker has a minimalistic look to it with the hard plastic coverings.

Sound Quality

The most important thing for a speaker is to have excellent sound quality, X50 will amaze you with the loudness and clarity even at the highest of volumes, the mids and lows are clear and the voice does not even break at top volumes.

X50 is not a device which you can play at parties, but if you want to play in a single room or a small place it can do the job all day long.

I used the device with all kinds of songs ranging from rap to rock and the output was very pleasant in every case


The battery lasts for 4 to 5 hours even with regular playback and there is a small micro USB cable provided for charging.


Although I was initially quite sceptical about buying a Bluetooth speaker, but X50 blew my mind with the sound quality at just around 20 to 25 dollars.

There are many other speakers from JBL and Philips with similar features but no speaker comes close to the X50 in terms of affordability and sound quality.Logitech X50 is one of the best portable speaker online.